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E-commerce and the digital work are becoming more and more integrated by the minute.

There are already several applications to order food worldwide, but ours is the first with which you can order food delivery from Kosher supermarkets, food establishment or restaurants, and also make table reservations at Kosher restaurants.

Here are some advantages Kosher Delivery offers for your restaurant or establishment:

  1. You only pay if you sell: we do not charge any monthly fee, meaning you will only pay if they buy from you.
  2. Reduce telephone and advertising costs: from now on your staff will not have to spend so much time on the phone; orders will come online to expedite and reduce time of service. In addition you will have a powerful dissemination channel.
  3. Widen the range of service to new customers: Because our app includes restaurants around the world many tourists will use it when they travel to other countries.
  4. Expand your customer base beyond the restaurant's physical premises: with your restaurant on our system your customers will not need to have previous knowledge of your food establishment.
  5. Place your brand on the Internet: Our application will not only bring new customers as it can practically become your webpage.
  6. Receive orders also via smartphone: with our app you do not need to have Internet on your establishment since we make it available so that you can receive orders even from your own smartphone, i.e. no computer will be needed to receive orders.

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